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Reference: ACCVOICEM

Software upgrade with Calls feature for NXS-97XX-4G and MHD-8100-4G line of devices. The upgrade enables wake-up calls & text-to-speech calls *. The Calls feature allows making wake-up calls (ring only) and text-to-speech calls to a single phone number or group of recipients.  This feature is ideal for delivering urgent messages or announcements, such as alerts, emergency notifications, or other time-sensitive information.

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The Voice feature enables Wake Up Calls (Ring only) and Text-To-Speech (TTS) Automated Calls* in NXS-97XX-4G and MHD-8100-4G devices. This product can be purchased as an extension for both new and existing devices.

* due to hardware limitations, the Text to Speech (TTS) function is only available on NXS hardware Rev. 4 and MHD-8100-4G devices. TTS function works currently for the English language only.

For new devices, the upgrade will be done before shipping the order. If you already own a device and would like to upgrade it to the voice option, contact our Support Center for details for your device. 

Price for 1 device (regardless of the number of modems).


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